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Updated: Feb 26, 2021

How do you like your eggs?⁣

Scrambled. Sunny-side up. EGGS. BENNY.

I like mine made by happy hens. Free-range chicken eggs: this means the chickens are free to roam around in their homes as they please + always have access to outdoor space. They have the freedom to engage in their natural behaviours, like scratching for insects, dust-bathing, foraging and WALKING (no, it is unlikely that chickens who lay your commercial eggs from the store get to walk - unless you’re buying eggs labeled ‘free-run’, which means they are free to move around un-caged, but they will typically never get to experience a day out in the sun). Free-range hens have a FAR better quality of life as compared to commercial hens. ⁣

For us, if the weather isn’t horribly miserable (or there isn’t a coyote lurking around the barnyard), our girls are free to explore the entire farm - wherever they want. They forage grass, seeds + insects - which all contribute to an overall more nutrient-dense egg. In the warmer months, when the forage is more plentiful, these nutrients make for a gloriously golden yolk, which is a stark difference from the bright yellow of the caged commercial egg you are likely accustomed to. ⁣

Not only is the nutrition superior, something else to think about is the freshness factor. When you buy from a farm, you are buying truly farm-fresh eggs (plus you’re probably also supporting local farmers + their families and you likely have no idea how much it means to them hint hint).⁣

Honestly I am not here to shame you for buying store-bought eggs because before I had my own chickens, I did too - and like 95% of the people I know go store-bought. However, something that has recently become very important to me is educating myself on where my food is coming from, and making better-informed decisions about the food my family and I eat. ⁣

The bottom line is this: happy hen = better quality egg.⁣

If you are someone who is concerned about the quality of your food, and animal welfare, please consider making the switch to eggs from free-range chickens (it just so happens that I know 16 gals that would love to help you out with that transition ).

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