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Well, apparently mom just can’t sit still. Another week, another project.

I have 56 hatching eggs coming in March (ambitious? who, me???) and I have absolutely no idea how many will actually successfully hatch as this will be my first time incubating my own eggs here on the farm. However, I am staying positive and anticipating a good outcome. Either way, I need to make some adjustments to our current coop situation to allow for the new additions in the spring.


Tomorrow I’ll be working on expanding our original coop: repairing and securing an old stall parallel to the existing area. This means more opportunity to hone my very green carpentry skills which I’m really looking forward to.

It feels so incredibly empowering to see something through (that I made plans + measurements for entirely on my own) and know that I did it myself. I got a serious confidence boost after finishing our fence last week, and now I’m chomping at the bit for my next project - so here we go! ⁣

Nothing but BIG things coming this year for me + my family + the farm and I have never been more excited or motivated to get shit done. ⁣

I’m only just getting started - but damn, it already feels SO good.

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