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Do you ever really just surprise yourself? Straight up, I have been surprising the hell out of myself lately.

Every project I’ve done recently, I’ve had next to zero prior experience. But that’s the thing with experience - the more you push yourself into trying different things, the better you’re gonna get at it.

If you didn’t catch my stories today, I finished securing a part of the barn that also serves as a wall in our new chicken coop. I wanted to ✨add a little bit of spice✨ so I built doors into the wall, to make coop cleaning easier. Y’all... a door may seem like nothing but I have never ‘made’ a door in my entire life and I am still sitting here in total disbelief that I accomplished what I did. I honestly I have no idea where my ideas even came from, (I didn’t watch any YouTube tutorials or Pinterest searches or any googling in general), and I’m even more confused that it all just magically WORKED. ⁣

I doubt myself all the time, but dang, not after today! ⁣

It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, if there’s something you want but you’re apprehensive about your abilities to do it - go do it! Hey, maybe you’ll fail, but you have to at least try - you just might surprise yourself.

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