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Okay I make a big point about being strong, independent and doing everything on my own... but yesterday was HARD. I needed help. ⁣

There’s a lot of barn repairs involved with this coop expansion. My first goal was to clean up the tack room wall adjacent to the stall that I’m converting to a coop. And it was a doozie.⁣

Don’t get me wrong. I tried to do it alone. I tried real hard (all afternoon). But I needed a second pair of eyes + hands for this one. And if I’m being honest probably a bulldozer or wrecking ball. It’s a super old barn with many layers of rich history... but for every metaphorical layer there is an actual layer of rotting wood and thousand-year-old rusted nails that absolutely REFUSE to leave their post. Also, as a criminal perfectionist I really struggled with keeping everything level - an impossible dream since it’s a friggin carnival funhouse in there: the floor warps to one side and the rafters lean to the other. It is an absolute cluster-cluck. BUT I DIGRESS. ⁣

After the Little Farmers went to bed, I enlisted dad’s help and luckily we were able to finish that wall. She ain’t pretty - but it’s fresh, it’s secure, there aren’t any gaps or holes anymore, and it will now provide a nice foundation for the other side of the wall in the coop. I’m probably going to decorate it 1) because I’m extra, and 2) because none of the edges match up due to the incredibly wonky geometry of that room (while yes, I acknowledge this is part of an old barn’s charm, if I don’t attempt to hide it, it will inevitably drive me nuts every time I walk in there). ⁣

The time lapse video I took was kinda rude because it doesn’t really seem like it was that hard to tear everything down before putting the new sheets up, but please take my poor, brittle, aging body’s word for it because when I woke up this morning it felt like I got hit by a bus (I didn’t have any wine last night either).

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