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In many ways 2020 was a complete dumpster fire for all of us, but I’m choosing to look at it in a positive light because ultimately, it brought us our son, and that makes it one of the best years of my life regardless of whatever else happened (I even have it tattooed on me).

This was also the year we made the commitment of turning our property into a fully-functioning working farm, by starting the process of beginning our very own Scottish Highland fold. There ain’t no turnin’ back now!⁣

I am beyond excited to see what opportunities ‘21 brings for us on the farm and for the learning experiences that will help me become the better farmher that I aspire to be. (+ I am DYING to get our calves in the fall). ⁣

So cheers /🖕🏼 to 2020 (conflicted, clearly). I hope y’all had some positives to reflect on as well, but if not, that’s okay too. There’s always next year!

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