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Flashback to earlier this spring when we got our very first egg from our new laying ladies. (I’ve mentioned before that we took over my dad’s brood when we bought the farm 3ish years ago, but we finally started over with a fresh new flock of our own this past march).

I gotta be honest, chicken math is real.

Started with 9 in March (columbian rock, red sex-link, barred plymouth rock). Dad says yep this is probably the perfect amount. Mom really wants blue eggs... so, the compromise:

+ 3 in July (azure blue).

+ 6 in the fall (lavender orpington and silver laced wyandotte) ...because HELLO, gorgeous.

If you’re following along with the math, we are now sitting at a meager total of 6 chickens. This is a problem. How do you solve this obviously horrible dilemma, you ask? The answer is simple and the answer is always: more chickens. I don’t make the rules.

Anyway, in the off chance you didn’t see this coming, this is a formal announcement that I am getting more chickens. Since we won’t be getting our highlands until closer to next fall, I’ve officially decided to bump “doubling the flock” up a bit higher on the farm priority list. My goal is to further diversify my carton colours: thinking maran, welsummer, whiting true green, ameraucana... plus a few silkies and frizzles because WHY NOT. If you have any other suggestions for beautiful egg colours please let me know!!! I simply cannot stop / will not stop and I love it... although I am pretty sure dad does not.

As I said, chicken math is real and it affects almost all chicken keepers. So check in on your friends with chickens. They are probably not ok.

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