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Yikes - I am feeling a little holiday burnout already, and christmas isn’t even here yet. It’s our first one as a family of four, and I’m feeling so pressured to make EVERYTHING special for our little farmers. Pressure only put on by myself, of course, because even though I am fully aware they are both too young to really grasp much anyway, the mom guilt is still there.

I’m just so excited about the opportunity to start our own family traditions so I’m trying to do what feels like 8 million things all at the same time - while also keeping two small children alive (not an easy feat - if you know, you know) AND trying to keep up with the farm maintenance / prepping / planning. Plus dad does shift-work and has been working a lot of overtime so I’m on my own a lot and honestly it’s really hard. Add in the whole covid element (lockdown 2.0 starts again soon for ontario) and it’s enough to drive a person bonkers.

So I need to give myself a lil holiday pep talk to boost me through the rest of this month... and if you’re a mom of young babes finding yourself feeling the same way, this is for you too:

CHILL, GIRL. You can not do it all. It’s amazing that you’re trying to though, and one day your babies will appreciate all the magic you’re trying to create for them - but right now they are both still shitting their pants and don’t even know what the alphabet is so just slow it down. Try to enjoy the little moments (especially while they’re still little people) and unwind yourself from that contorted ball of stress you’re making yourself into. They don’t care about all this stuff, mama, they just care about you.

Even if you’re not a mom, the “chill, girl” applies to everyone right now (I think we’re all struggling). Times are weird, things are crazy and quarantine fatigue is real, y’all. Unfortunately it’s just a fact that Christmas is going to look a lot different this year.

But who knows - maybe the quiet, simple Christmas we get this year will become our greatest tradition ever (and one created without even trying).

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