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  • Laurel Y


Although I’ve noticed the days getting a little longer, it really feels like this season is dragging. Don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoy the winter (I’m one of those people who prefers cold over heat), it’s just the weight of this past year that’s been pulling me down. The closer we get to March, the more I’m painfully reminded of the fact that it’s almost been an entire year of social distancing (well for most of us anyway). ⁣⁣⁣

Y’all, this is hard. For EVERYONE. As a mom of littles, this is damn near killin’ me, and my kids even aren’t old enough for school/online learning. I have no idea how you parents are doing it! (seriously, you’re the real MVP’s). ⁣⁣⁣

We really are lucky to live out here in the country - the closest neighbors we have to us is a herd of angus cattle, so for us, physically - isolation has been easy. But like for everyone else, mentally - it’s been an incredibly tough year. ⁣⁣⁣

With dad working shift-work (and lots of overtime), I am alone A LOT. For both obvious and personal reasons, we don’t do daycare, we don’t have babysitters, and visitations have been minimal, if not non-existent as of late (not knocking anyone who does - you have to do what you think is right for your family, and this is just what’s right for ours). I love my kids but holy cow the burnout is real. I am struggling. Some days it’s just all about survival (and oftentimes that looks like all-day bear paws + Blippi). ⁣⁣⁣


I find I am able to ground myself when I can get outside + refocus my mind on a task. I have to keep myself busy with other things to quiet my anxiety, and farm work really helps me with that. Plus, I’m not a doctor, but chickens = self care (probably why I keep getting more). ⁣⁣⁣


I do understand that it could be way worse (and for a lot of people, it is). I’m so grateful for my family + friends’ health and am trying to be optimistic that we will see the light at the end of this. In the meantime, wash your hands, wear a mask, go get yourself some chickens, and my god, give yourself some grace.


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