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  • Laurel Y


I’m sure most people would say their first favourite sign of spring would be the crisp air, the bright flowers, or the way the birds start singing again in the mornings.

To me, it isn’t tangible, but a feeling. It’s not the way the green blades look contrasted so brightly against the barren landscape as they emerge from the once-frozen earth, but the inspiration they serve - knowing they too, recovered after a season of darkness.

Like roots that held firmly over those cold winter months, we too will be able to dig deep and thrive when the sun returns - finding strength and resilience in the place we stand.

It’s the confirmation that even when our world feels stagnant, and sources of energy seem scarce, growth is always possible.

A reminder that change isn’t something to be afraid of, but rather, it’s necessary. It’s inevitable - but we too have the ability to adapt. To acclimate. To flourish.

What spring brings is a sense of renewal and hope - something we so desperately need after such a difficult year.

Spring provides us with the motivation to turn our leaves towards the early sunlight. To sink our roots deep into what grounds us. To trust that we will not only survive this, but we will grow, and we will come back even stronger.

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